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    Dr. Adriano Sobreira holds a degree in Law, a postgraduate degree in International Law and Consumer Law from the University of Fortaleza (Unifor), and a Master's degree in Constitutional Law from the same University. He is the author of the book entitled "International Child Abduction: A Reading in the Light of the Principle of the Best Interest of the Child", published by Editora Dialética, in 2022. It remains in constant updating of knowledge and also expands its training from updated readings, through literature and subscription to various legal journals, as well as other means, such as congresses and legal seminars.

    In addition to international law, the lawyer works in Real Estate Law, Civil Law, Business Law, Contracts, Energy Law and Consumer Law. Among the goals that does not lose sight, fight for justice; harmonise, always with ethics, the interests of customers; profit from social responsibility; contribute to sustainable economic and social development; value and seek the health of the soul and social peace.

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