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    Dr. Adriano Shaffer, graduated in law from the University of Fortaleza-UNIFOR, a graduate degree in international law from the University of Fortaleza-UNIFOR, post-graduated in consumer law at the University of Fortaleza-UNIFOR, master's student in constitutional law from the University of Fortaleza-UNIFOR .1° Vice President of the International Law Commission of OAB/CE, active for more than 15 (fifteen) years, in the areas of international law (temporary and permanent visas, approval of foreign judgments, international kidnapping, expulsion and extradition, asylum and refuge, international adoption, contracts, foreign investment, foreign companies, etc.), real estate (buying, selling and leasing of real estate, contracts, deeds, real estate, real estate development, land development, exchanges, dismemberment, rectification of area and filing in General), civil law (obligations and contracts, torts, law of things, right family and succession) and corporate law (companies in General, securities, judicial recovery and bankruptcy), and consumer law, judicial, extrajudicial spheres, including mediation and arbitration, and administrative.

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    Serve each client considering their cause as the most important, seeking the best and fastest solution, respecting the ideals of ethics and justice.