New CPC comes into force from March 18-Dr. Adriano Sobreira

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    New CPC comes into force from March 18

    05-04-2016 • Artigos
    New CPC comes into force from March 18

    Brasília – in view of the request of the Brazilian Bar Association, the National Council of Justice has set March 18 as the date on which it comes into force the new code of Civil procedure. There will be no forensic or holiday suspension of deadlines. The day chosen is even advocated by the law and by the Superior Court of Justice.

    This week, the National President of OAB, Claudio Lamachia, charged the CNJ setting on the beginning of the New CPC. The order was the author of consulting the Board about the correct date, because blurring would bring countless losses the provision.

    "There is a concern about the time limit. We fear that the decision of this Council put out upon the real effective date of the new CPC. The brazilian law firms need and want a North as the date, to organize. Will match a time of the day when the definition will be, "said Lamachia.

    Unanimously, the CNJ's advisors followed the Rapporteur of matter, Gustavo Alkmim, setting the day 18 March. Alkmim analyzed in their vote manifestations of various legal and procedure scholars. Read This link the decision of the National Council of Justice.