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  • International Law

    We provide legal advice on administrative procedures of granting temporary and permanent visas for foreigners, naturalization brazilian, extradition and expulsion, refuge and political asylum of aliens, approval of foreign, international kidnapping sentence children, the Brazilian Nationality option, intercountry adoption, international contracts, foreign investments, foreign societies, divorce, maintenance, custody of children, inventory and sharing of foreign goods, etc.

    In this specific field, we provide the following services:

    • request for temporary and permanent visas for foreigners;
    • nationality and naturalization;
    • approval of foreign sentence;
    • international abduction of children;
    • transfer of marriage performed abroad;
    • option for Brazilian Nationality of the children of Brazilians born abroad;
    • international adoption;
    • international contracts;
    • deportation, extradition and expulsion of aliens;
    • political asylum and refuge of aliens;
    • foreign investment, registry of foreign companies;
    • marriage system of durable, stable, divorce, dissolution of stable Union, food, custody, guardianship and custodianship, absence, ban unable, inventory and sharing of foreign goods;
    • any other international law.

    We provide our services in this particular area of law more than 15 (fifteen) years, above all, for the Italian colony in Brazil. In addition, Dr. Adriano Sobreira is broad sense in international law graduate, so that we enjoy vast experience and solid knowledge in this area, qualifying our services and add to the transparency and commitment for us employees in all sectors.