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  • Real Estate Law

    Legal advice for the purchase, sale and rental of real estate, we take care also of the real estate contracts in General, rectification, unification and dismemberment, filing in General, real estate development and development, formation of condominium, condominium assemblies, possessory actions, adverse possession of movable and immovable property, and any other service relative to real estate law.

    When it comes to real estate, we offer the following services specified:

    • legal advice for buying, selling and leasing of real estate;
    • real estate contracts in General;
    • legal advice for the drafting of public deeds of purchase and sale of immovable property and for their registration in the registry;
    • rectification, unification and dismemberment of the area;
    • filing in General;
    • real estate development and blending;
    • establishment of condominium;
    • condominium meetings;
    • possessory actions;
    • adverse possession of movable and immovable property;
    • any other relative to real estate law.

    To this end, we have a team of professionals and highly qualified and specialized partners to provide the best service in this field.